I want my work to be away of any content, or at least exempt of a content that can be textualized.

I believe Art is another way of knowledge, and so I consider it to be more coherent if it is non linguistic.

I reject any content that can be encapsulated in words.

All we can see in art galleries are metaphors. With different rhetorical formulas, but in the end, everything is a metaphor. Metaphors and symbols.
And I want to do something away from it.

Occasionally, I play with some cultural references, but this is always in a mocking way.
I feel very close to Dada; Dada not as a movement, but an attitude, as an understanding of everything.

I love Trash Culture and also Decorative Arts: in both cases because of the lack of pretension. "Sublime" is for me an archaic word.

I always tried to paint in the same way I draw because of the immediacy and freshness of drawing.  Rather than virtuosity, I tend to do something foolish and ridiculous.

In the end, my personal quest is to create an Art full of honesty, simplicity and grace.

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